D’oh! adventures in the DSM

D’oh! adventures in the DSM

The DSM-5 — or the latest version of the psychiatry bible — was released in May to much fanfare. It’s taken over a decade for the American Psychiatric Association to revise its detailed manual of disorders, which largely dictates mental health care. Yet since many in the field question the DSM’s validity, the manual’s future … Continue reading


One depressed comic, one bipolar writer and notions of one true “self”

I recently watched 19-year-old Kevin Breel’s June talk for TedxYouth, called “Confessions of a Depressed Comic.” Breel describes what it’s like to be seen from the outside as an upbeat, thriving young man while struggling internally with depression. He also calls for a movement to break down the stigma against depression and other mental health … Continue reading